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Tristan Wright

After spending a number of years as an entrepreneur and forming companies as small as an ad-hoc start-up in his three square-meter kitchen which then turned into a seven figure operation with staff and suppliers from all-over the world, Australian Tristan Wright decided to become a Business Sherpa.

When Tristan started his first business – a cycling clothing company called Seight – he was entering a challenging retail environment where many of his competitors were major players who had established their names and brands in the marketplace.

But with a lot of determination and even more hard work, a few short years after starting his first company, Seight was turning over an upwards of US$500,000. Two years later, Seight hit the magical seven-figure turnover mark, allowing Tristan to pursue other interests and dreams.

Today, Tristan helps other small business owners create successful brands, companies and more. Those who have learned from him have taken their business ideas from seed to fruition and are currently running highly profitable operations, whilst others grown their business and processes to a point that has enabled them to take extended holidays while their business runs itself.

Unlike other coaches and business consultants, Tristan has more than just theory to share. He has after all built a business, thus acquiring first-hand experience in everything from product design and procurement, to team management, financial reporting, vendor negotiations, and social-media marketing.

Having survived the personal aspects of entrepreneurship, Tristan knows and understands the allure of success and fears of failure. He has also learned the hard lessons of entrepreneurship, something that is seldom taught in schools, online courses or on YouTube videos.

This means that Tristan offers more than just buzzwords, vague advice and verbal snake-oil. Joining this year’s Congress, Tristan aims to show local micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs how they can grow their businesses while reducing their workload, keeping their minds focused and accountable along the way.