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Inga Stasiulionyte

Lithuanian-born Inga Stasiulionyte did not start as an entrepreneur. She began as an Olympian as a javelin thrower. Her finest best throw is 62.27 metres, achieved in July 2005 in Kaunas.

After competing in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, her athletic career drew to a close, but Inga developed a curiosity for starting a business that would bring the mental strategies of a high-performance athlete to the business.

For over a decade Inga worked as an executive coach specializing in superior human performance and training clients to break limits in striving for virtuous results.

She explores mind training techniques and systems through educational and experiential knowledge of sports psychology, neuroscience, and her own experience as an Olympic athlete.

Inga, who will be one of the three esteemed speakers for MALAYSIA SME®’s 2019 Congress. Her topic ‘The Olympic Success Strategy for Business Growth’. Here, Inga will provide insights into the various methods of setting growth strategies and correct goals, as well as how to overcome obstacles that are generated by the anxiety of the unknown, how to develop the disciplined decision making and inspire team for growth.

Her talk will include her personal Olympic life experiences, business cases from her previous clients and samples of the MIT bootcamp offered teachings on entrepreneurship.