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Harry Sanders

Not many people can boast that they started their first business as a young teenager, but this is a feat that Harry Sanders, 21, a native of Australia, can attest to.

When he was 13, Harry watched as his father’s boat licensing business sink after the latter signed up for SEO services that were poorly executed and did not deliver. As the older Sanders struggled to keep his business afloat, Harry decided to learn everything there was to know about SEO to try and help him.

Harry learned from scratch, mainly through trial and error, but he found it the perfect combination of logic and creativity and devoted all of his time to it. For a while his efforts failed to produce any results, but gradually his father’s business phone started buzzing again.

Pretty soon the business was flourishing thanks to Sanders’ new found skill, and not long after that his own phone began to ring. At 14 he got his first job offer, which thrilled him but had a significant impact on his schooling.

By the age of 16 Harry was managing a company’s entire search division. In 2015 he left school and feeling emboldened by his success decided to start his own company. But with limited experience and financial resources he was unprepared for the strain that running a business would entail.

At 17, Harry found himself homeless, living on the streets, under bridges and bunking with heroin addicts, eating what little leftovers came his way.

His future looked bleak, but somehow he bounced back and at the age of 21 has become one of Australia’s most successful young entrepreneurs, running his own US$1.3 million SEO firm StudioHawk.

Today StudioHawk works with a variety of clients, including large firms like Officeworks and The Good Guys, successes that Sanders puts down to recommendations from some of their smaller clients.