The MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS is the first Congress in Malaysia dedicated to the country’s SMEs, 2018 marks the tenth edition of this highly anticipated event in the SME calendar following nine consecutive successful editions organized since 2009 that have seen the participation of more than 12,000 SMEs.

The MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS continues to serve as a platform to motivate and inspire Malaysian SMEs towards greater local and international success. Our experience organising team is confident to once again organise a bigger and better CONGRESS with the inclusion of all SME stakeholders!


The annual MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS is all about SMEs and for SMEs. It is a perfect annual platform for SMEs to learn, share, network, exchange information, and strengthen the fellowship within the SME community.

MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS strives to foster the “giving back” philosophy by inviting successful businesses to inspire guide and help those who are still facing challenges in the early stages of their “difficult but fulfilling” entrepreneurship journey. In line with this approach, the CONGRESS is presented to the SME community on a free admission basis.


In collaboration with Astro, this year CONGRESS themed ‘Small But Mighty’ will feature 10 speakers from successful Malaysian SMEs of various background and industries to share their success stories, experiences and business skills and for the very first time, ten inspiring Malaysian SME stories will be aired on National Geographic Channel over a ten-week documentary series.

The willingness of National Geographic Channel to produce this documentary series is a testament of the important role that SMEs play in our nation’s economy building.

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