The annual MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS is the first nationwide congress of its kind in Malaysia dedicated to the country’s SMEs. It has the sole objective of motivating, inspiring, and guiding Malaysia’s SME community to greater local and international success.

Having been organised successfully for eight times now, the Congress has enjoyed the participation of more than 10,000 SME businesses to date. In a nutshell, the MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS is the most meaningful SME-centric event in SME calendar.

The digital sharing economy creates new markets, produces millions of job opportunities, and revives “sharing”. It is changing the way people buy goods and services in the world, it is surging, attracting investment and providing budding entrepreneurs with a platform to take great ideas out to the population. In line with this trend and Malaysia’s digital economy roadmap, the 9th edition of MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS will be about ‘Digital’ with a theme focusing on ‘Sharing Economy’.

The Digital MALAYSIA SME® CONGRESS will be an interactive, digital sharing economy content-driven Congress designed to motivate, inspire SMEs and deliver latest information on Digital Sharing Economy. This event is a community meeting point for SMEs and with more than 2,000 SME participants expected to take part in this year Congress, it is one of the largest SME networking event in 2017.